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December 17th, 2003: PREDIAL

Definition: PREDIAL adj praedial

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: depriVal dipTeral epidUral parSlied pedaliEr peridIal pilLared praediAl Spiraled Tripedal

'Typos': uredial

Blana-grams: alipedS apPlied apPlier aSpired Bedrail Bipedal Brailed Caliper dalLier dariOle deCrial delirIa derailS deSpair dialerS dialLer diaperS dilaTer dipOlar dipTera elapidS Gladier Glaired Harelip Helipad Hirpled iMpaled iMpaler iMpearl iMplead lapideS lardieR leadiEr leMpira leOpard lepOrid Oedipal padDler palLier palMier palSied pardiNe parOled parRied parTied pearlEd pedlarS pedlarY pelOria peraCid peridIa perilEd perilLa pidDler pieBald piraTed plaideD plaiNed plaiNer plaiTed plaiTer plaTier pleadEr pleiadS praiSed praliNe prePaid preVail prilLed pYralid radiAle radiCel radiCle ralLied ralpHed rapHide rapideR rapidlY readilY redialS redTail replEad repliCa repliEd ridaBle riMpled ripPled riValed Taliped Trailed Tripled

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ad ae ai aid aide aider ail ailed air aired al alder ale aliped alp ape aped aper ar are arid ariel aril ariled dal dale dap dare de deair deal dear deil del deli derail dial dialer diaper die diel dip dire dirl drail drape drip ear earl ed el elapid eld er era id idea ideal idle idler ilea irade ire ired la lad lade lader laid lair laird laired lap lar lard lari lea lead leap lear led lei li liar liard lid lidar lie lied lier lip lira lire pa pad padi padle padre padri paid pail pair paired pal pale paled paler palier par pard pardi pardie pare pared parle parled pe pea peal pear pearl ped pedal pedlar per peri peril pi pia pial pie pied pier pilar pile pilea piled plaid plea plead pled pleiad plie plied plier pride pried rad raid rail railed rale rap rape raped rapid re read real reap red redia redial redip rei relaid rep repaid ria rial rid ride riel rile riled rip ripe riped

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