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November 10th, 2003: HOUSEL


Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: houselS

Ana-hooks: hulLoes

'Typos': housed houser houses housey

Blana-grams: Blouse Boules Bushel Chouse Coleus Dholes eNsoul eusolS Flouse Floush Foules Ghouls hAloes hAoles helIos helLos heloTs holIes hoselS hosTel hoTels hoVels hoYles hulLos husTle Isohel Joules lehuAs louChe louGhs louIes louPes louRes louseD louseS lusheD lusheR lusheS Mohels Mousle Noules Nousle oBelus oleuMs osCule ouChes ouPhes ouselS ouZels oVules Poules Roules seGhol sheolS shoOle shoulD shoVel shuleD shuleS sleuTh slouCh slouGh soleuS soluTe souleD souPle Tholes Tholus Tousle uloseS uNshoe Wholes

Extensions: houselED houselEEK houselESS houselING houselLED UNhouselED houselEEKS houselLING houselIGHTS houselLINGS houselESSNESS houselESSNESSES

Sub-anagrams: eh ehs el els es eusol he helo helos hes ho hoe hoes hole holes hols hos hose hosel house hue hues hule hules huso les leu lo los lose losh louse lues lush oe oes oh ohs ole oles os ose ou ousel sel sh she sheol shoe shul shule sloe slue so soh sol sole sou soul sue uh ule ules us use

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