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October 17th, 2003: PHOT

Definition: PHOT*PHOTS n a unit of illumination

Anagrams: toph

Hooks: photO photS

Ana-hooks: potCh thoRp tophE tophI tophS

'Typos': phat phoh phon phos phut plot poot pyot shot whot

Blana-grams: Atop Both Chop Coth Doth hEpt hIpt hoLp hoLt hoOp hoOt hopE hopS hoSt hotE hotS hoUt hYpo Koph Loth Moth oAth opAh optS oUph pAth pIth poEt poLt poNt poOh poRt poSh poSt potE potS potT poUt Qoph Shop Soph Soth Spot Stop thIo thoN thoU thRo tohO topE topI topS toSh tRop tYpo Whop

Extensions: photIC photOG photON photOS AphotIC photICS photISM photOED photOGS photONS EUphotIC KYphotIC photINIA photISMS photOFIT photOGEN photOING photOMAP photONIC photOPIA photOPIC photOPSY photOSET ISOphotAL MORphotIC photINIAS photOCELL photOCOPY photOFITS photOGENE photOGENS photOGENY photOGRAM photOLYSE photOLYZE photOMAPS photOMASK photONICS photOPHIL photOPIAS photOPLAY photOPSIA photOSETS photOSTAT photOTUBE photOTYPE photOTYPY AMphotERIC HOLOphotAL TELEphotOS WIREphotOS photICALLY photOCELLS photODIODE photOFLASH photOFLOOD photOGENES photOGENIC photOGLYPH photOGRAMS photOGRAPH photOLYSED photOLYSES photOLYSIS photOLYTIC photOLYZED photOLYZES photOMASKS photOMETER photOMETRY photOMURAL photONASTY photONOVEL photOPHASE photOPHILS photOPHILY photOPHOBE photOPHONE photOPHONY photOPHORE photOPLAYS photOPSIAS photOPSIES photOSTATS photOTAXES photOTAXIS photOTOXIC photOTROPE photOTROPY photOTUBES photOTYPED photOTYPES photOTYPIC ISOphotE(S) MORphotROPY MULTIphotON RADIOphotOS TROphotAXES TROphotAXIS photOACTIVE (and 180 more)

Sub-anagrams: ho hop hot oh op opt ph pho pht po poh pot tho to top

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