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September 20th, 2003: ONTIC

Definition: ONTIC adj having real being or existence

Anagrams: tonic

Hooks: Pontic

Ana-hooks: Action Atonic cAtion cHiton citRon conFit coRtin cotinG noEtic noticE tocSin tonicS

'Typos': antic optic

Blana-grams: Actin Acton Biont cAnto cEnto cHino cinCt cionS cLint coAti coiGn coinS coitS coLin coniA coniC coniN contE contO coRni cotAn coUnt coVin cUtin cYton Dicot iconS incoG incUt inGot intRo ionIc Joint Lotic nicoL nitoN nitRo noiNt noMic notcH octAn ointS oRcin Picot Pinot Pinto Piton Point Potin Scion Sonic Stoic tiGon tiMon tincT tonDi toPic toRic toXic toXin tRonc tUnic Yonic Zinco

Extensions: BIontic ODontic GERontic STRontic ARCHontic ConticENT DIPLontic DRAContic FonticULI HAPLontic onticALLY DEontic(S) FonticULUS MonticULUS PonticELLO RHAPonticS ENDODonticS HALOBIontic MASTODontic MonticLE(S) MonticOLOUS MonticULATE MonticULOUS PonticELLOS FonticULUSES MonticELLITE MonticULE(S) MonticULUSES ORTHODonticS PAEDODonticS PERIODonticS RHAPontic(S) SCAZontic(S) ENDODontic(S) MonticELLITES PonticELLO(S) ANACREontic(S) ENDODonticALLY ORTHODontic(S) PAEDODontic(S) PROSTHODonticS ANACREonticALLY ORTHODonticALLY

Sub-anagrams: cion cit cito coin coit con coni cot icon in into io ion it nit no not oi oint on otic ti tic tin to toc ton

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