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June 14th, 2003: TEXAS

Definition: TEXAS*TEXASES n the uppermost structure on a steamboat

Anagrams: taxes

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: axItes exaCts exaLts exEats exPats extasY extRas Laxest sextaN taxeRs taxIes

'Typos': tepas teras texts

Blana-grams: aBets aNtes aRets asHet asSet asteR axeLs axIte axLes Baste Bates Beast Beats Besat Betas Caste Cates Cesta Dates eaRst eastS etaTs etNas exaCt exaLt exaMs exEat exIst exIts exPat extRa Fates Faxes Feast Feats Festa Fetas Gates Geats Getas Haets Haste Hates Heast Heats Jeats Ketas Latex Laxes Least Leats Mates Maxes Meats Nates Neats Nexts Paste Pates Paxes Peats Rates Raxes Reast Resat Retax saLet sateD sateM sateS saUte saxeS sCeat seatS sePta setaE setaL sextO sextS sIxte sKate sLate sPate sPeat staDe staGe staKe staLe staNe staRe staTe staVe steaD steaK steaL steaM steaN steaR steLa stOae stRae sWeat taBes taCes taeLs taJes taKes taLes taMes taPes taRes taseR tasSe tasTe taTes taWse taxeD taxeR taxIs taxUs teaDs teaKs teaLs teaMs teaRs teasE teaTs tesLa tesTa tOeas tsaDe tUxes tWaes Vesta Waste Waxes Wetas Yates Yeast Zaxes Zetas

Extensions: texasES

Sub-anagrams: ae as at ate ates ax axe axes ea eas east eat eats es est et eta etas ex sae sat sate sax sea seat set seta sex sext st ta tae taes tas tax te tea teas tes

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