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May 25th, 2003: PISH

Definition: PISH*PISHES*PISHED*PISHING v to express contempt

Anagrams: hips phis ship

Hooks: Apish

Ana-hooks: Aphis Chips piThs shipS spAhi Whips

'Typos': bish dish fish hish kish pash pise piso piss pith posh push wish

Blana-grams: Chip Chis Dips Ghis Gips hAps hAsp hEps hEsp hiEs hiNs hipT hisN hisS hisT hiTs hOps hUis hUps hYps iChs iMps Khis Kips Lips Lisp Nips pAhs pAis pEhs phiZ phOs piAs piCs piEs piGs piNs piPs piRs piTs pOis psiS Rips Risp shiM shiN shiR shiT shiV shOp shRi siCh siGh siMp siNh sipE sipS siTh sKip sLip sNip sOph spiC spiE spiK spiN spiT spiV sYph This Tips Whip Wisp Yips Zips

Extensions: ASpish IMpish MOpish PApish POpish UPpish pishED pishES ApishLY DAMpish DUMpish FOPpish GAMpish HIPpish LOMpish LUMpish MUMpish POPpish RASpish ROMpish VAMpish WAMpish WASpish WIMpish WISpish pishING pishOGE BLIMpish CHEApish CLUMpish FRUMpish GLUMpish GRUMpish IMpishLY MOpishLY PApishER PApishES PLUMpish POpishLY QUIPpish SCAMpish SHARpish SHEEpish SNAPpish STEEpish SWAMpish TRAMpish UPpishLY pishOGES pishOGUE ApishNESS DUMpishLY FOPpishLY LUMpishLY MUMpishLY PApishERS ROMpishLY WAMpishED WAMpishES WASpishLY WIMpishLY pishOGUES BLIMpishLY CHEApishLY IMpishNESS MOpishNESS SCAMpishLY SHEEpishLY SNAPpishLY TROLLOpish UPpishNESS WAMpishING ApishNESSES DAMpishNESS DUMpishNESS FOPpishNESS LUMpishNESS MUMpishNESS PApishER(S) ROMpishNESS WASpishNESS WIMpishNESS BLIMpishNESS IMpishNESSES MOpishNESSES SCAMpishNESS SHEEpishNESS SNAPpishNESS UPpishNESSES DAMpishNESSES DUMpishNESSES FOPpishNESSES LUMpishNESSES MUMpishNESSES ROMpishNESSES WASpishNESSES WIMpishNESSES BLIMpishNESSES SCAMpishNESSES SHEEpishNESSES (and 1 more)

Sub-anagrams: hi hip his is ish ph phi phs pi pis psi sh si sip

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