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April 20th, 2003: EASTER

Definition: EASTER*EASTERS n a wind or storm from the east

Anagrams: aretes eaters reates reseat saeter seater steare teaser

Hooks: Feaster easterN easterS

Ana-hooks: aerAtes aerIest aetHers aFreets aUstere Beaters Berates Cerates Creates Dearest Derates earNest eCartes eLaters erGates estraDe estreaT Heaters Nearest reaLest reasteD reBates reDates reHeats reLates reMates rePeats reseatS resLate restaGe restaTe retaKes retaPes retasTe retaXes reteaMs reteaRs rOseate saeterS saKeret seareSt seaterS seCreta seDater serIate serRate steaLer steaMer steareD steareS sWeater tasereD teaMers teareRs teaserS tesSera

'Typos': baster caster easier easted faster gaster laster master paster raster taster vaster waster

Blana-grams: aerAte aerIes aetHer aFreet aFters aGrees aIrest aLerts aLters aMeers aNtres areDes aretTs arMets arRest arRets arteLs artIes asSert astAre asterN asterS asterT aVerse aVerts Barest Beares Beater Berate Berets Bestar Breast Carets Cartes Caters Cerate Certes Crates Crease Create Daters Deares Derate Derats Desert Deters eaGers eaGres eartHs eaterY eCarte eGesta eGrets eLater eLates eNates eNsate eNsear eNtera eNters eraseD eraseR eraseS ereCts erGate ersatZ estaTe esterS estraL estraY etaGes etaPes etHers eVerts eXeats eXerts eXsert eXtras Feares Feater Ferest Fester Freest Freets Geares Graste Grates Grease Greats Greets Haeres Haters Heares Hearse Hearts Heaste Heater Hereat Jester Larees Leares Leaser Leears Maters Matres Meares Merest Meseta Meters Metres Neater Nester Oaters Orates Paters Peares Pearst Peseta Pester Petars Peters Petres Prates Prease Preset raGees raKees raMees raMets raNees raRest rateLs rateRs raWest raZees reaCts reaLes reaMes reastS reastY reatAs reaVes reBate reCast reDate reestS reestY reGest reHeat reLate reLets reMate reNest reNtes rePast rePeat resaLe reseaL reseaU reseCt reseDa reseNt resetS resIte resteD resteM resteR retaGs retaKe retaPe reteaM reteaR reteMs retesT retIes retUse reVest reVets reWets rOates saLter sareeS sateeN satIre seaLer seaMer searAt searCe seareD seareR seateD seBate seCret seDate seNate seraPe sereSt serRae setTer sKater sLater staGer staLer stareD stareR stareS starVe staTer staYer staYre steaLe steaNe stearD stearS steerS steerY steLae steLar stereO stereS sterNa sterVe steWer steYer straeS straFe straKe streaK streaM streeK streeL streeT streNe strIae sWeert taBers taKers taLers taMers taPers tarGes tarRes tarseL taserS tasKer taTers taVers taWers taXers teaDes teaMer teareD teareR teaseD teaseL teaseS teaZes teNser teraIs terCes tereFa tereKs terFes terNes terRae terRas terseR tesTae tesTer teTras tHeres tHrees traCes traDes traNse traPes traVes treaDs treaTs treeNs treMas treZes tWeers Urates Urease Verset Verste Waters Wester Yarest Yester Zester

Extensions: FeasterS easterLY OLeasterS easterNER easterLIES easterLING easterMOST easterNERS OLeaster(S) easterLINGS easterNMOST COTONeasterS NORTHeasterN NORTHeasterS SOUTHeasterN SOUTHeasterS NORTHeasterLY SOUTHeasterLY COTONeaster(S) NORTHeaster(S) SOUTHeaster(S)

Sub-anagrams: ae ar are ares aret arete arets ars arse art arts as aster at ate ates ea ear ears earst eas ease east eat eater eats ee er era eras erase ere eres ers erst es est ester et eta etas ras rase rast rat rate rates rats re reast reate ree rees reest res resat reset rest ret rete retes rets sae sar saree sat sate sea sear seare seat see seer ser sera sere set seta setae st star stare stear steer stere strae ta tae taes tar tare tares tars tas taser te tea tear tears teas tease tee teer teers tees teras teres terse tes tree trees tres tsar

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