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February 9th, 2003: SEPOY

Definition: SEPOY*SEPOYS n a native of India serving in the British army

Anagrams: poesy posey poyse

Hooks: sepoyS

Ana-hooks: Myopes ospRey peEoys pIoyes poGeys poKeys poLeys poNeys poyseD poyseS pyoseS Tepoys

'Typos': tepoy

Blana-grams: Copes Copse Copsy Cosey Dopes Dopey eLops epoXy esTop eXpos eyoTs Hopes Hypes Hypos Joeys Lopes Mopes Mopey Mopsy Mosey Myope Myops Nosey Noyes oBeys oLpes opeNs oyeRs pAseo peEoy peoNs peoNy pePos pesKy pesoS pesTo pesTy peysE pIoye pIoys pLoys poeMs poeTs poGey poIse poKes poKey poLes poLey poLys poMes poNes poNey poPes poPsy poRes poseD poseR poseS posSe poTes poTsy poXes pReys pRose pRosy pRyse psoAe psyoP pyeTs pyNes pyoTs pyRes pyRos pyXes Repos Ropes Ropey sCope seEpy sHope sLope sLopy sLype soApy soOey sopHy sopPy soUpy soyLe speoS speWy spoDe spoKe spoRe spyRe sToep sTope syBoe sypeD sypeS sySop Topes Types Typos Upsey yeLps yIpes yMpes yoKes yoMps yoOps yoRes yoUse yoWes

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: epos es espy oe oes op ope opes ops os ose oy oye oyes oys pe pes peso po pos pose posy pye pyes sey so sop soy spy sye sype ye yep yeps yes yo yos

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