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February 3rd, 2003: PEDALO

Definition: PEDALO*PEDALOS n a paddleboat powered by pedals

Anagrams: opaled

Hooks: pedaloS

Ana-hooks: depoSal Galoped leopaRd oedIpal paRoled pedoCal ploaTed polKaed Tadpole

'Typos': pedals

Blana-grams: alBedo aldoSe alIped apedoM apodAl apodeS aSlope Coaled Colead dalLop dapPle delopE deploY deWlap dIploe dIpole doaBle eIdola elapId elodEa elopEd eNodal Feodal Foaled Gaoled Goaled Haloed laMped lapdoG lapPed lapSed laZoed leapEd leIpoa loadeD loadeN loadeR loaFed loaMed loaNed loaVed loOped lopPed loUped oRdeal padDle padleS paIdle palLed palMed palPed paRled paRole peaCod pealEd peaPod pedlaR peloId peloTa plaCed plaNed plaTed plaYed pleadS pleaEd pleIad ploWed ploYed podIal podleY poldeR poleaX polKed polLed polTed poMade poOdle poOled pRoled Reload Sloped Soaped Uplead Upload

Extensions: pedaloES

Sub-anagrams: ad ado ae al ale alod aloe aloed alp ape aped apod apode da dae dal dale dap de deal del do doe dol dole dop dopa dope ea ed el eld la lad lade lap lea lead leap led lep lo load lod lode lop lope loped od oda odal ode odea oe old ole olea olpae olpe op opal ope oped pa pad padle pal pale paled pe pea peal ped pedal pela plea plead pled plod po poa pod podal pol pole poled

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