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NSC 2008 Commentary: Round 4

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Round 4

Her Buddhist perspective intact, Jeanne Freebody (Oakland, CA) shows me her socrecard. In round 3, she won by 154. In round 4, she lost by 154, to Sarah King (Cave Creek, AZ). Getting attached to "things" defies the impermanence of it all.

Mark Przybyszewski (Depew, NY) is on a "power of 10" kick. Thus far today, his game spreads have been -80, +10, +20, and -30. He is 2-2 and wondering what the afternoon holds for him, numerically speaking.

JC Green (Lealman, FL) won a close on versus Barbara Major (Alexandria, VA), 322-315, in division 5. He says her play of LOX for 39 put her in the lead, but he managed to come back.

So, an interesting game went down in division 2 this round between countrymen, Roger Cullman (Toronto ON) and Glenn Dunlop (Brantford ON). The win was Glenn's, 428-333. At one point, Glenn played a two-blank bingo: GrAvERS. When he filled out the game's blank designation form, in the area that says "first blank played," he circled V. And, as you guessed, on the place that says, "second blank," he circled R. A bit later, sensing the conflict in blank designation form and intent, he called over the director. It was ruled that the play was accepted as GvArERS and should be read that way for subsequent plays. Odd, huh? Not the ruling, but rather that the game unfolded that way! Glenn intimated that Roger should be embarrassed by the game's end scores, but Roger didnt' even lose by 100 points. I see no shame in that!

So, something "'fantastic' this way 'came' by way of a terrific 700 game! In division 3, Susan Beard (Rio Rancho, NM) vs. Linda Hoggatt (Blanchester, OH), ended 700-170! Now, this was, obviously a huge "ouch" for Linda, but what a MASSIVE win for Susan! I missed the photo op, but was told later that there were no double-double or triple-triple plays! This score was earned with three bingos: LOATHED for 78, TOTTLES for 67, and NITERIE for 77. Other great plays were ZEK 74, QI 64, HOMAGE 53, and JEW 49. She admits she had both blanks. Poor Linda had to settle for keeping score that game! Sometimes we are statue and sometimes the pigeon. This was big statue time for Linda!

Robert Gillis (Owens X Roads, AL) tells me that he got down SEAPIECE last round. His opponent challenged it unsuccessfully. He explains that it was one of those plays whereby his opponent could only lose if the word was challenged and came back acceptable. Just letting it go would have ensured the opponent's win. If only we could all be so clear-thinking when the pressure is on! Bob goes to lunch 2-2 and happy with things so far.

During lunch, a strange thing happened in the playing room. Usually at these events, the hotel catering people clean the room and restock the water supplies during breaks. This did happen, but instead of leaving they all stayed. At any one time, 8-10 catering staff folks milled around the room, carefully, checking out any game that hadn't been picked up. They studied the boards, pointed, spoke to each other about words they found. They oohed and ahhed for a lot longer than just casual interest would indicate. They came over to my table and saw copies of the Cheat Sheet by Mike Baron (Corrales, NM). About six of them took copies, turning it over, marveling at the words. One guy said, "come back here next year and I'll play!" It was exciting! Maybe some new SCRABBLE stars will be born!

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