2005 Tournaments

2005 World SCRABBLE® Championship

See also: 2003 WSC

The WSC has been held in odd-numbered years since 1991, with sponsorship alternating between Mattel and the National SCRABBLE® Association/Hasbro. It was last held in 2003, under Mattel's sponsorship. The 2005 World SCRABBLE® Championship will be held on November 16-20 in London, England.

The event organizer is running full web coverage of the event, a brief daily summary of which will be posted here around 7:00 P.M. ET on November 17-20.

Results after 8 rounds show Canadian Adam Logan the sole undefeated player.

Results after 17 rounds show Canadian Adam Logan leading at 13-4.

Results after 24 rounds show Canadian Adam Logan gibsonized, and ready to play Thai player Pakorn Nemitrmansuk for the title.

The official web site shows the three games in which Adam defeated Pakorn to win the best-of-five match 3-0.

The American and Canadian players have been determined based on a qualification system run by the NSA (see below). Players representing other countries should contact their national player organizations or SCRABBLE® distributor.

Team U.S.A. and Team Canada

Team U.S.A. and Team Canada will be chosen as described in the following pages.

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