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SCRABBLE in Canada

Officially sanctioned club play began in North America with the founding of the Toronto SCRABBLE® Club in 1975. The North American SCRABBLE Players Association (NASPA) is the sole association licensed by Hasbro to govern competitive play in Canada and the United States. It organizes the annual North American SCRABBLE Championship. NASPA certifies official club and tournament directors, and maintains a roster of hundreds of official clubs across the continent. Clubs vary in formality and level of play, but are all good training grounds for tournament players, as well as social venues for a more relaxed game.

Most SCRABBLE® tournaments are played according to NASPA tournament rules, using the Official Tournament and Club Word List, and 25-minute time controls. NASPA certifies a few tournaments each month across Canada, and maintains a calendar of upcoming tournaments. Tournaments can be local (restricted to members of a particular SCRABBLE club), open (organized by a SCRABBLE club but typically attracting players from within a radius of several hundred kilometres), or major (nationwide, Hasbro-sponsored, and often invitational).

The most recent major tournament was the 2016 Canadian National SCRABBLE Championship. The next major tournament will be the 2018 Canadian National SCRABBLE Championship. Please watch this web site for full championship web coverage.

For more general information about SCRABBLE in Canada, contact Canadian Championship Director John Chew at poslfit@gmail.com or (416) 876-7675. To find out more about clubs or tournaments near you, please contact your nearest club director. For information about a specific Canadian player, see our player database.