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2011 National SCRABBLE® Championship

Division 4 Low Losses

24200418Ciliberti, Miss Andrea (59)Hidalgo, Regenia (10)
2203430Adkins, Annie (42)Davis, Elizabeth (16)
10210410Turner, Donald (58)Rosenthal, Kevin (19)
23211407Bratcher, Nancy (11)Marcus, Maxine (41)
3215384Engel, Desiree (54)Wolin, Jean (34)
21217418Scruggs, Julia (20)Laris, Jim (35)
20217438Cook, Anna Marie (48)Oppenlander, Patricia (44)
1220554Engel, Desiree (54)Huber, Cecilia (15)
23221461Cann, Kathi (28)Hoang, Kenny (50)
19222422Kasney, Kenneth (04)Laris, Jim (35)
16222347Marcus, Maxine (41)Rybak, Katherine (47)
10227398Wolin, Jean (34)Titzman, Joey (09)
4230420Scruggs, Julia (20)Tyszka, Gene (01)
8231471Trotman, Jean (45)Laris, Jim (35)
10231419Ciliberti, Miss Andrea (59)Cook, Anna Marie (48)
18233416Bratcher, Nancy (11)Postal, David (03)
24233438Titzman, Jack (53)Rosenthal, Kevin (19)
7234463Titzman, Jack (53)Austin, Samuel (21)
6235447Cook, Anna Marie (48)Postal, David (03)
9235334Wood, Paul (60)Engel, Desiree (54)

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