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Past Winners of the NSC

1998 National SCRABBLE® Championship
August 8-13, Fairmont Hotel, Chicago, Illinois

1996 National SCRABBLE® Championship
July 20-25, Hyatt Regency Dallas at Reunion, Dallas, Texas
416 contestants. (See SCRABBLE News #126)

Division One:
1.Adam Logan, ON24 +1613$25,000
2.Marlon Hill19 +347$10,000
3.Joe Edley, NY18 +1351$5,000
Division Two:
1.Tony Sim21 +1071$4,000
2.Steve Glass19 +1029$2,000
3.Richard Moyer19 +806$1,200
Division Three:
1.Donald Malcolm21 +1534$1,500
2.Margaret Swanson21 +1318$1,000
3.Mark Welborn 20 +1276$750
Division Four:
1.Paul McCarthy 21 +1702$1,000
2.Jeff Prentiss 19 +1066$800
3.Michael Christophel 18.5 +1246$600

1994 National SCRABBLE® Championship
August 14-18, Universal City Hilton, Los Angeles, CA
300+ contestants. (See SCRABBLE News #109)

Division One:
1.David Gibson, SC23-4 +1700$15,000
2.David Wiegand19-8 +1447
3.Bob Lipton19-8 +1272
Division Two:
1.Michael Baker20-7 +920$3,000
2.John Chew19-8 +927$1,500
3.Amnon Meyers18-9 +1140
Division Three:
1.Carol Ravichandran19.5-8.5 +866
2.Yosie Levine19-8 +781
3.Mark Immerman18-9 +1137

1992 National SCRABBLE® Championship
August 9-13, Omni Hotel, Atlanta, GA
320 contestants. (See SCRABBLE News #93)

Division One:
1.Joe Edley, NY22-5 +1839 
2.Joel Wapnick21-6 +1318 
3.Brian Cappelletto20-7 +1410 
Division Two:
1.Jim Geary22-5 +1476 
2.Scott Leifer20-7 +912 
3.Bob Prentiss19.5-7.5 +1502 

1990 National SCRABBLE® Championship
August 5-9, Ramada Renaissance, Washington, DC
300+ contestants. (See SCRABBLE News #82)

Division One:
1.Robert Felt $10,000
2.Lester Schonbrun  
3.Ed Halper  
Division Two:
1.Luise Shafritz21-6 +1973 
2.Roy Dixon19-8 +1327 
3.Andy Curshen19-8 +836 

1989 National SCRABBLE® Championship
July 29-August 3, Penta Hotel, New York City, NY
221 contestants. (See SCRABBLE News #79)

Division One:
1.Peter Morris21-6 +1507$5,000
2.Mark Nyman20-7 +1252 
3.Ron Tiekert20-7 +1180 
Division Two:
1.Jill Janovici20-7 +1576 
2.Tim Anglin20-7 +486 
3.Shirley Fliesser19-8 +632 

1988 National SCRABBLE® Championship
July 31-August 5, Sands Regents Hotel/Casino, Reno, NV
323 contestants. (See SCRABBLE News #76)

Division One:
1.Robert Watson20.5-6.5 +1355$5,000
2.Peter Morris20-7 +1378 
3.Joel Wapnick19-8 +1334 
Division Two:
1.Mark Landsberg17-5 +1655 
2.Glenn Lew17-5 +1288 
3.Randy Greenspan17-5 +1137 

1987 National SCRABBLE® Championship
July 5-7, Sahara Hotel, Las Vegas, NV
327 contestants. (See SCRABBLE News #74)

Division One:
1.Rita Norr17-4 +1100$5,000
2.Jeremiah Mead17-4 +1019 
3.Chuck Armstrong16-5 +1751 
Division Two:
1.Norma Fisher12-9 +223 
2.Dora Ruelle12-9 +195 
3.C. Acquayle12-9 -197 
Division Three:
1.Mary Lyons12-9 +11 
2.Jill Janovici12-9 -299 
3.Julie Ashe11.5-9.5 -336 
Division Four:
1.Abiodun Oyewale14-7 +695 
2.Jeff Garrett14-7 +243 
3.Robert Fancett13-8 +389 

1985 National SCRABBLE® Championship
July 28-31, Sheraton Boston Hotel, Boston, MA
302 contestants. (See SCRABBLE News #62)

Division One:
1.Ron Tiekert20-2 +1808$10,000
2.Joe Edley18-4 +1615 
3.Richard Lund18-4 +1511 
4.Charles Armstrong17-5 +1405 
5.Daniel Pratt17-5 +1215 

1983 National SCRABBLE® Championship
August 10-12, Drake Hotel, Chicago, IL
32 contestants. (See SCRABBLE News #52)

1.Joel Wapnick $5,000
2.Joe Edley 

1980 National SCRABBLE® Championship
November 14-16, Mirimar-Sheraton Hotel, Santa Monica, CA
32 contestants (invitational). (See SCRABBLE News #34)

1.Joe Edley, NY14-3 +545$5,000
2.James Neuberger13.5-3.5 +1131 
3.Ron Tiekert11.5-5.5 +874 
4.Daniel Pratt11-6 +859 
5.David Prinz11-6 +459 

1978 National SCRABBLE® Championship
May 19-21, Loew's Summit Hotel, New York, NY
64 contestants (invitational, Funk & Wagnalls 1973). (See SCRABBLE News #19)

1.David Prinz10-6 avg 390$1,500
2.Daniel Pratt13-3 avg 401 
3.Mike Senkiewicz11-5 avg 404 
4.Linda Gruber11-5 avg 382 
5.Charles Goldstein10-6 avg 397 

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