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October 31st, 2007: BANDOLIER

Definition: BANDOLIER*BANDOLIERS n a pocketed sash used for holding ammunition

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: bandolierS

Ana-hooks: debonairlY linerboaRd Panbroiled

'Typos': bandoleer

Blana-grams: balConied banderolE banderolS bilanderS boardliKe breadlinE broMelain broMeliad Clarioned debonairE drainAble drinKable Girandole Hobnailed iGnorable Parboiled reloadinG Unbroiled Unlabored Unridable

Extensions: bandolierED#

Sub-anagrams: ab abed abide abider able abled abler abo abode aboil abri ad ado adobe adore adorn ae aeon aero ai aid aide aider ail ailed aileron ain air aired airn al alb albedo albino alder aldrin ale alien alienor aline alined aliner aloe aloin alone an and andro ane aneroid ani anil anile anode anole ar arb ardeb are arid ariel aril ariled aroid ba bad bade bail bailed bailer bailor bairn bal bald balder baldie bale baled baler ban band bander banderol bandier bandore bane baned bani bar bard barde bare bared barn barned baron be bead beal bean beano bear beard bed bedrail bel belon ben bend berlin bi bid bide bider bield bier bilander bile bin binal bind binder bindle bine biner bio bird birl birle birled biro blade blader blae blain bland blander blare blared blear bled blend blin blind blinder blond blonde blonder bo boa boar board bod bode boil boiled boiler bola bolar bold bolder bole bolide bond bonder bone boned boner bonier bora boral borane bordel bore boreal bored boride born borne bra brad brae braid brail brailed brain brained bran brand bread bred bren bridal bride bridle brie brin brindle brine brined (and 337 more)

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