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February 11th, 2023: WITHEROD*

Definition: not available

Anagrams: worthied

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: dowitCher

'Typos': withered

Blana-grams: howitZer oUthired rowdieSt thYreoid troPhied withdreW wordieSt worRited worthieR worthieS writhLed

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: de dehort dei derth dew dhoti dhow di die diet dire dirt dit dite dither do doe doer doeth doh doit dor dore dort dot dote doter doth dotier dow dower dowie dowier dowt drew droit drow ed edh edit editor eh er et eth ewt he heid heir her herd heriot hero het hew hi hid hide hider hie hied hire hired hit ho hod hoe hoed hoer hoi horde hore hot hote how howdie howe howre id ide io ire ired it ither od ode oe oh ohed oi or ord ore ort other ow owe owed ower owre owrie owt re red redo reh rei ret rew rewth rho rhodie rid ride riot rioted rit rite rod rode roe roed rot rote roted roti row rowed rowt rowted rowth te ted tehr tew the their theow theroid thew thio thir third tho threw thrid thro throe throed throw throwe ti tid tide tie tied tier tierod tire tired tiro to tod toe toed tor tore tori tow towed tower towie towier trew tride trie tried trio triode trod trode trow trowed twier twire twired two twoer we wed weid weir weird weirdo wert wet whet whid whir (and 36 more)

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