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April 4th, 2021: RANCE

Definition: RANCE*RANCES n a variety of marble

Anagrams: caner crane crena nacre

Hooks: Prance Trance ranceD ranceL ranceS

Ana-hooks: arcAne canCer canerS canIer canKer canNer canTer careEn carMen carneT carneY carnIe carVen caSern caVern ceDarn cenTra cHenar cOrnea craneD craneS craVen creanT crenaS Dancer earcOn enarcH enracE Lancer nacreD nacreS necTar recanE recanT recKan Tanrec Zarnec

'Typos': dance hance lance nance pance ranch ranee range ranke

Blana-grams: acerB acerS acneD acneS acOrn acreD acreS ancLe aneAr anGer anKer anTre arceD arecA areIc arenA arPen aWner Brace caBer caBre caDre caGer caIrn caneD caneH caneS canOe caPer careD careR careS careT careX carLe carnS carnY carSe carTe carVe caTer caVer ceDar cerIa cernE cHare cLean cLear craKe craMe cranK cranS craPe craRe craTe craVe craZe creaK creaM crIne crOne Dearn earnS enacT enarM enIac erIca eScar Facer Farce Franc Frena Grace Lacer Learn Macer nacHe naKer naMer narcO narcS nareS narIc narRe nearS nerKa nIcer Ocean Ocrea Oncer Pacer Pecan raceD raceR raceS racHe racOn raIne raMen raVen raYne reacH reacT reanS recaL recaP recOn recTa reDan reGna reMan renaL renaY renGa reRan reWan Saner Scare Scena Scrae Scran Serac Snare Trace Urena Varec Yearn

Extensions: PranceD PranceR PranceS TranceD TranceS ranceLS DUranceS PranceRS SUranceS AMOranceS ENTranceD ENTranceS ITEranceS OUTranceS TranceDLY VIBranceS ABERranceS ADMIranceS ASSUranceS CLEAranceS CUMBranceS DUrance(S) ENDUranceS ESPEranceS FLAGranceS FRAGranceD FRAGranceS HINDranceS IGNOranceS INSUranceS MANUranceS PranceR(S) SECUranceS SEVEranceS SUrance(S) TOLEranceS TranceLIKE UTTEranceS AMOrance(S) APPEAranceS ENTrance(S) EXUBEranceS HINDEranceS ITErance(S) MONSTranceS NURTUranceS OUTrance(S) PENETranceS PERDUranceS PONDEranceS REENTranceS REITEranceS SUFFEranceS SUNDEranceS TEMPEranceS VIBrance(S) ABERrance(S) ADMIrance(S) ASSUrance(S) CLEArance(S) COINSUranceS COMPEAranceS CONSIDErance CUMBrance(S) DELIVEranceS DISENTranceD DISENTranceS ENCUMBranceR ENCUMBranceS ENDUrance(S) ENTranceMENT ESPErance(S) FLAGrance(S) FORBEAranceS FRAGrance(S) FURTHEranceS HINDrance(S) IGNOrance(S) INSUrance(S) INTOLEranceS MANUrance(S) PROTUBErance REASSUranceS REINSUranceS REMEMBranceR REMEMBranceS SECUrance(S) SEVErance(S) TOLErance(S) UTTErance(S) VOCIFEranceS APPEArance(S) CONSIDEranceS DISSEVEranceS ENCUMBranceRS ENTranceMENTS EXUBErance(S) HINDErance(S) INSUranceR(S) INTEMPEranceS (and 53 more)

Sub-anagrams: ace acer acne acre ae an ance ane ar arc are can cane car care carn cran ea ean ear earn en er era ern na nae narc nare ne near race ran re rean rec ren

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