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August 12th, 2020: PROSIT

Definition: PROSIT interj - used as a drinking toast

Anagrams: ripost tripos

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: Airpost Airstop Disport Forpits iMports pArotis pEriost poriEst proBits proFits prostiE protisT rEposit ripostE ripostS ripstoP ropiEst sportiF torpiDs tripoDs tropiCs tropiNs tropisM tropisT

'Typos': probit profit

Blana-grams: Aorist Aristo Asport Bistro Droits Esprit Forpit Fortis Griots iMport iMpost iMpots iNtros Nitros optErs optiCs orBits orpiNs pArtis pAstor pAtios pAtois piCots piErst piLots piNots piNtos pistoL pistoN pitHos pitoNs piVots poiNts poisEr poOris poOrts porisM portAs posiEr positS postEr postiE postiL postiN potiNs potsiE prEsto priEst priMos priNts prioNs prioRs prisoN proiNs protEi psoriC ptosiS pUrist pUtois rApist rAtios rEpost rEpots rEspot ripEst roistS roOpit rositS roUpit roZits sAtori sCript sitrEp sopitE sortiE spiGot spiNor spiNto spirIt spirtS spoiLt sportS sportY spriNt spritE spritS spritZ sproUt sprUit stirpS stopEr stripE stripS stripT stripY stropS stroUp stUpor sUitor tApirs tHorps tHrips tiroEs topErs topiCs toriEs torpiD triGos trioLs trioRs triosE tripEs tripoD troMps troOps tropEs tropHi tropiC tropiN tsoriS tWirps Uprist Upstir

Extensions: LEprositY LEprositIES

Sub-anagrams: io ios is iso it its oi op ops opt opts or ors ort orts os pi pir pirs pis piso pit pits po poi pois port ports pos posit post pot pots pro pros prost psi pst riot riots rip rips ript risp rit rits roist rosit rost rot roti rotis rots si sip sir sit so sop sori sort sot spirt spit sport spot sprit sri st stir stirp stop strip strop ti tip tips tiro tiros tis to top topi topis tops tor tori tors torsi trio trios trip trips trois trop

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