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November 5th, 2019: COISTREL

Definition: COISTREL*COISTRELS n a knave

Anagrams: cloister costlier creolist

Hooks: coistrelS

Ana-hooks: cHlorites cHoltries cloisterS clotHiers creolistS crYolites elicItors loricAtes sclerotiA sclerotiC sclerotiN sectoriAl

'Typos': coistril coystrel

Blana-grams: Aloetics Altrices Articles Bisector Bricoles cAlories cAlorist cArioles ceorlisH cHlorite cHortles cirClets citreoUs clitorIs clitTers clotHier clotTers clotTier clotUres cloUters coAliest coiNters colLiers colOrist corBeils corDites corKiest corNiest corselEt corsletS cortiCes cortisOl costrelS coteriEs cotTiers coUlters coWrites coYstril creolisE crosSlet crosStie crotTles crYolite cUrliest Docilest elEctors elEctros elicItor eroticAl esotEric estriolS eVictors eXcitors eXorcist Floriest iNcloser lectioNs leProtic liceNsor literosE locAters loricAte loUriest Mortices Noticers oestriOl orselLic oUtcries oUtliers Persicot Petrolic Poitrels recitAls rectioNs reticlEs retiNols rocKiest roilIest rotcHies scleritE scleroiD sectorAl selEctor selictAr societAl soleciSt solStice soteriAl stericAl sticKler stocKier stoliDer stricKle stroBile telsoNic tHeorics ticKlers tiercEls toecliPs treFoils tricKles trilLoes triloBes trioleTs triscelE trocHils troeliEs trolLies troOlies Utricles Vortices

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ceil ceils cel cels celt celts ceorl ceorls cero ceros cert certs cesti cestoi ciel ciels cire cires cirl cirls cis cist cit cite citer citers cites cito citole citoles cits clies close closer closet clot clote clotes clots coil coiler coilers coils coir coirs coit coits col cole coles colies cols colt colter colters colts cor core cores cories cors corse corset corslet cortile cos cose coset cosie cosier cost coste coster costrel cot cote cotes cotise cots cresol crest cries cris crise crit crits crost el els elt elts eorl eorls er eric erics eros erotic erotics ers erst es escort escot escrol est estoc estriol estro et etic ice icer icers ices io ios ire ires is isle islet iso istle it its lector lectors lei leir leirs leis les lest let lets li lice lictor lictors lie lier liers lies lire lirot lis list lister lit lite liter liters lites litre litres lits lo loci loir loirs loiter loiters lor lore lores loric lorics lories loris los lose loser lost lot lote lotes loti lotic lots oe oecist oes oi oil oiler oilers oils ole oleic oles or orc orcs ore ores oriel oriels orle orles (and 200 more)

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