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June 28th, 2015: ELAPID

Definition: ELAPID*ELAPIDS n a venomous snake

Anagrams: aliped paidle pleiad

Hooks: elapidS

Ana-hooks: alipedS apPlied Bipedal Helipad iMpaled iMplead lapideS Oedipal paidleS palSied pedRail pieBald plaideD plaiNed plaiTed pleiadS pRedial Taliped

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: aedilE aField aiSled aliNed alLied alpiNe apliTe aRiled aUdile Bailed Cliped daiDle dapPle deaSil deNial deRail deTail deWlap diaBle dialeD dialeR diapeR dilaTe diMple dipleX diplOe dipOle diSpel diSple eidOla eliadS epiCal eSpial eYliad Failed Hailed Halide idealS iMpale Jailed ladDie ladieS laideD laiKed laiRed laLdie laMped lapPed lapPie lapSed laZied leapEd leipOa liMped lipaSe lipIde lipPed liSped Maelid Mailed Medial Nailed Opaled padDle padleS paiGle paiKed paiNed paiRed palieR palLed palLid palMed palMie palPed paRdie paRled pealEd pedalO pedalS pedlaR pelOid peNial pidDle pilLed piNeal plaCed plaCid plaiCe plaidS plaNed plaTed plaYed pleadS pleaEd pliCae pOdial Railed Redial Relaid Repaid Sailed Salpid Sliped Spiled Tailed Uplaid Uplead Vailed Vialed Wailed

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ad ae ai aid aide ail ailed al ale alp ape aped da dae dal dale dali dap de deal dei deil del deli di dial die diel dip ea ed eild el eld eliad id ide idea ideal idle ilea la lad lade laid lap lea lead leap led lei lep lepid li lid lie lied lip pa pad padi padle paid pail pal pale paled pe pea peal ped pedal pela pi pia pial pie pied pila pile pilea piled plaid plea plead pled plie plied

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