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September 25th, 2011: ANTIPOPE

Definition: ANTIPOPE*ANTIPOPES n one claiming to be pope in opposition to the one chosen by church law

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: antipopeS

Ana-hooks: appointeD appointeE Reappoint

'Typos': antipode antipole

Blana-grams: appointS appoSite atRopine nappieSt oppiLant oppiLate panoptiC paRpoint penpoiNt peponiDa peptoniC piepLant ptoMaine pUpation Saponite topaZine

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ae aeon ai ain aine ait an ane ani ant ante anti ape appoint apt at ate atone atop ea ean eat en entia eoan eon epopt et eta etna in inapt inept into io ion iota ippon it ita na nae naoi nap nape nappe nappie nat ne neap neat nep nepit net netop nie nip nipa nit nite no nope not nota note oat oaten oe oi oint on one op ope open opiate opine opt pa paeon pain paint pan pane pant pantie panto pap pape pat pate paten patin patine patio pe pea pean peat pein pen peni pent peon pep pepino pepo pet petnap pi pia pian piano pie piet pieta pin pina pine pineta pinot pint pinta pinto pion pip pipa pipe pipet pit pita piton po poa poet poi point pointe pone pont pontie pop pope pot pote potin potpie ta tae tai tain tan tane tao tap tape tapen te tea ten tenia teopan tepa ti tie tin tine tinea tip to toe toea ton tone top tope topi

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