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October 19th, 2007: PTYALISM

Definition: PTYALISM*PTYALISMS n an excessive flow of saliva

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: ptyalismS

Ana-hooks: palmistRy playtimEs

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: implaNts misapPly misplaNt misplayS mystiCal palmiEst palmistS playList playsUit playtimE psalmiSt ptyaliNs stEamily talEysim

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ai ail ails aim aims ais ait aits al alist alit alms alp alps als alt alts am ami amis amity amp amply amps amyl amyls apt aptly as asp at ay ays imp imply imps is ism it its la laity lam lamp lamps lams lap lapis laps las last lat lati lats lay lays li lima limas limp limpa limpas limps limpsy limy lip lipa lips lis lisp list lit litas lits ma mail mails maist malt malts malty map maps mas mast mat mats may mays mayst mi mil milpa milpas mils milt milts milty mips mis mislay misplay mist misty mity my pa pail pails pal palm palmist palms palmy pals palsy paly pam pams pas past pastil pasty pat patly pats patsy paty pay pays pi pia pial pias pily pima pimas pis pit pita pitas pits pity plait plaits plasm plat plats platy platys play plays ply psalm psi pst pya pyas sail sal salmi salp salt salty samp sap sat sati say si sial silt silty sim sima simp simply sip sit slam slap slat slaty slay slim slimy slip slipt slit sly smalt smalti smit spa spail spait spam spat spay spilt (and 40 more)

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