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March 30th, 2006: ALNICOS

Definition: 1. ALNICOS noun_plural (see ALNICO 1) 2. ALNICO*ALNICOS n an alloy containing aluminum, nickel, and cobalt

Anagrams: oilcans

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: acYloins canNolis claRions coalBins Folacins laconisM liMacons scalLion solacinG Unsocial

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: acinosE acinoUs acTions acYloin alBinos anisolE anosMic asociAl aTonics Bonacis caisSon caliCos calKins caMions canNoli canolAs caPlins caRlins casinoS casSino caTions caTlins cElosia cinEols ciTolas claRion clasSon claXons clonisM closinG coalBin coalinG coCains coDlins colLins coniCal Falcons Flacons Folacin incIsal inclasP inclosE inlacEs inocUla Kaolins lacinGs laconiC laDinos laTinos liaIson liMacon locHans Malison Maniocs Masonic noDical salicIn saniclE scalEni scalinG scHolia sEconal silIcon socialS solaniN sToical sYconia Talions Tincals Uncials Uncoils

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ai ail ails ain ains ais al alnico aloin aloins als also an ani anil anils anis as asci cain cains calo calos can cans canso casino ciao cion cions cis clan clans clon clons coal coals coil coils coin coins col cola colas colin colins cols con coni cons cos icon icons in ins ion ions is la lac lacs laic laics lain las li lin linac linacs lino linos lins lion lions lis lo loan loans loca loci loin loins na nail nails naoi naos nicol nicols nil nils no noil noils nos oca ocas oi oil oilcan oils on ons os sac sail sain sal salic salon scan scion si sial sic silo sin slain snail so soca social soil sol sola solan soli son sonic

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