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August 5th, 2005: SPONGIN

Definition: SPONGIN*SPONGINS n a fibrous material

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: sponginG sponginS

Ana-hooks: opEnings pionIngs pYonings snoOping sponSing spoOning

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: Bonings Consign Copings Copsing Donings Dopings Epigons gAnoins ginsHop Mignons nogGins noisIng nonsLip noOsing nosHing nosingS onDings opEning opinIng opsOnin pEnsion pHoning pigEons pinAngs pingoEs pinIons pinonEs pinYons pionIng poisIng poLings ponCing ponDing pongiDs ponginG ponKing ponYing posHing posingS posSing posTing poYsing pRoigns pRosing Ropings sAponin sCoping sLoping snipIng snoKing snoRing snoWing soAping soOping sopPing soRning soUping spAning spoKing spoRing sToning sToping Tonings Wonings Zonings

Extensions: DIsponginG sponginESS sponginESSES

Sub-anagrams: gi gin ginn gins gio gios gip gipon gipons gips gis go gon gons gos in ingo inn inns ins io ion ions ios is iso nip nips nis no nog nogs non nong nongs nos nosing oi on ons op oping ops opsin os pi pig pigs pin ping pingo pingos pings pinon pinons pins pion pions pis piso po poi pois pong pongs pons pos posing psi psion si sign sin sing sip snig snip snog so sog son song sop spin

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