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May 7th, 2005: WALER

Definition: WALER*WALERS n an Australian-bred saddle horse

Anagrams: lawer

Hooks: walerS

Ana-hooks: Bawler Clawer lawYer Prawle waIler walIer walKer walLer warBle warSle wHaler wraXle

'Typos': baler haler paler taler wader wafer wager waker waled wales water waver waxer

Blana-grams: aBler alDer alerT alewS alOwe alTer alUre areAl arGle arIel arleD arleS arTel awAre aweEl awNer Blaer Blare Blear Brawl Carle Clear Crawl Dewar Drawl Dwale earlS earlY Farle Feral Flare Glare Kwela laCer laDer laerS laGer laKer laMer lareE lareS larGe laSer laTer laVer laweD laXer laYer learE learN learS learY leEar lePra lOwer Marle Owler Parle Pawer Pearl raIle raleS raTel raVel raweR rawlY raYle realM realO realS reCal reGal relaX relaY reNal rePla reSaw rewaN rewaX rOwel Sawer Seral Sewar Swale Sware Sweal Swear Tawer Trawl Ureal Velar waNle wareD wareS warRe wealD wealS wearS wearY wHale wHare wHeal wHear wraTe wraWl wreaK

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ae al ale alew ar are arew arle aw awe awl ea ear earl el er era la laer lar lare law lea lear lew rale raw re real rew wae wale war ware we weal wear

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