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May 2nd, 2005: OSTEAL

Definition: OSTEAL adj osseous

Anagrams: solate

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: aPostle Boatels etaloNs Folates Gelatos Isolate laCtose leGatos loatHes loCates Maltose oBlates oleatEs olestRa Pelotas sKatole solateD solateS solVate talCose tolaNes Zealots

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: aBlest aGlets alAtes alDose aleRts alLots alMost alteRs aMoles aNoles aRtels asloPe atolLs atoNes aVoset aZoles aZotes Bleats Bloats Boatel Botels Castle Cleats Closet Costae Costal Deltas Desalt eClats elatEs estRal etaloN eXalts eXtols Festal Floats Flotas Foetal Folate Gelato Gloats Halest Haloes Haslet Helots Hostel Hotels Jostle Ketols laMest laNose lasteD lasteR lateNs latesT latHes latKes latTes laXest leastS leGato leNtos loatHe loaVes loBate loCate lotaHs lotTes loVats loWest lYsate Metals Metols Molest Motels oateRs oBlast oBlate olDest oleatE oRates osetRa ostleR oWlets Paleos Palest Palets Pastel Pelota Petals Plates Pleats Postal Ratels salLet salteD salteR saltIe salUte saMlet saNtol saPote sePtal sHelta sKatol slateD slateR slateS slateY sleaZo sMalto solaCe soleRa solUte soRtal staBle staleD staleR staleS staNol staPle stealS stelaE stelaI stelaR stelLa steRol stoleD stoleN stoleS stoMal taBles taleRs taloNs tasSel taXols teasEl telCos telsoN tePals teslaS tHoles toIles tolaNe tolaNs tolaRs toTals toUsle toWels Valets Vestal Voltes Zealot

Extensions: ENDosteal PERIosteal ENDostealLY

Sub-anagrams: ae al ale ales aloe aloes als also alt alto altos alts as at ate ates ats east eat eats el els es est et eta etas la las lase last lat late lats lea leas least lest let lets lo lose lost lot lota lotas lots oast oat oats oe oes ole olea oles os ose sae sal sale salt sat sate sea seal seat sel set seta setal slat slate sloe slot so sol sola sole sot stale steal stela stoa stoae stole ta tae tael taels tale tales tao taos tas tase te tea teal teals teas tel tela telos tels tes tesla to toe toea toeas toes tola tolas tole toles tosa

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