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December 22nd, 2004: GAHNITE

Definition: GAHNITE*GAHNITES n a mineral

Anagrams: heating

Hooks: gahniteS

Ana-hooks: atheLing Beathing Cheating eaRthing gnathiTe heaRting heatingS ingatheR naethiNg teaChing

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: aheigHt aLength anteiNg antigeN atingLe Bathing Beating Benight Chantie eaSting eatingS eLating enLight etChing Feating gaineSt geLatin geniSta genitaL geniZah gentiaN gnathiC gRanite gRatine haFting haiRnet haLting hantiNg haSting hatTing heaDing heaLing heaPing heaRing heaVing heFting heMatin hentiNg ineaRth ingateS ingeSta ingRate Lathing Lighten Megahit Mintage nigheSt nighteD nightIe Pathing Penthia Righten Seating Sheitan Stengah Sthenia tanghiN tangieR tangieS taShing taThing teaMing teaRing teaSing teaZing tegMina thanAge thaWing theEing theMing thenagE theRian tighTen tSigane tZigane Unitage Vintage

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ae ag age agen agent agin ah ahent ahing ahint ai ain aine ait an ane ani anigh anight ant ante anti at ate ea ean eat eath eating eh ehing eight en eng entia et eta eth etna gae gaen gain gait gan gane gant gat gate gath gean geat geit gen gena gent get geta ghat ghi gi giant gie gien gin git gite gnat ha hae haeing haen haet hag hain han hang hant hat hate hating he heat hen hent het heting hi hiant hie hin hing hinge hint hit in ingate it ita na nae nag nah nat ne neat neath neigh net nie nigh night nit nite nth ta tae taeing tag tai tain tan tane tang tangi tangie tanh te tea teaing teg ten tenia thae thagi than thane the thegn thein then thig thin thine thing ti tie tig tige tin tine tinea ting tinge

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