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January 5th, 2004: CLADE

Definition: CLADE*CLADES n a group of biological taxa

Anagrams: decal laced

Hooks: cladeS

Ana-hooks: alcAde caBled calCed calKed calLed calMed calVed caNdle caUdle cedUla claWed claYed cOaled cOlead cRadle cRedal decalS declaW lacKed laNced Macled Placed Reclad Scaled Talced

'Typos': blade clads clame clave glade slade

Blana-grams: aBled acHed acNed acOld acRed acTed adDle aIled alcId aldeA aldeR alecS alOed aNcle aRced aRled aXled Baled caBle cadeE cadeS cadeT cadGe cadIe cadRe caGed caKed calId calVe caMel caNed caPed caPle caRed caRle caSed caUld caVed caVel caWed ceCal cedaR celLa cHela claeS cleaN cleaR cleaT clIed clUed cOled daceS daleS dalLe daNce dealS dealT decaD decaF decaY deDal delaY delTa dOlce dUcal dWale ecadS eclaT elaNd elIad Faced Fecal Glace Haled Heald Ideal Ileac laceR laceS laceT laceY ladeD ladeN ladeR ladeS ladLe laKed laMed laNce laNde laSed laTed laVed laWed laYed laZed leacH leadS leadY lYcea Maced Macle Medal Naled Paced Padle Paled Pedal Place Plead Raced Recal Scald Scale Waled Weald Yclad Ycled

Extensions: PHYLLOcladeS PHYLLOclade(S)

Sub-anagrams: ace aced ad ae al ale alec cad cade cel clad da dace dae dal dale de deal del ea ecad ed el eld la lac lace lad lade lea lead led

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