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The SOWPODS lexicon, more commonly now referred to as Collins or Collins Scrabble Words (CSW), is a word list published in 2007 by Collins and used in most countries as the SCRABBLE lexicon.

Its name was coined as an anagram of "OSW OSPD", the names of the two lexicons (Official Scrabble Words and the Official SCRABBLE Players Dictionary) that were originally merged to form SOWPODS. The SOWPODS word list is currently edited by the WESPA Dictionary Committee; comments concerning the list should be directed to the NASPA-WESPA Liaison Committee. The SOWPODS word list contains all words found in OTCWL, as well as a large number of other English words from around the world.

In January 2010, the NASPA Advisory Board authorized the creation of a SOWPODS rating system for NASPA-sanctioned games played using the SOWPODS lexicon.