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2010 Tag-Team SCRABBLE Tournament

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On Tuesday night, August 10th, 2010, Ryan Fischer and Brian Galebach are planning to direct their second annual mini Tag-Team SCRABBLE side tournament, the exciting new variant where each team has two players, each with their own rack of tiles. On your team’s turn, either player makes a first play, followed immediately by the other player making a second play. (Hint: Try for a triple-triple!)

The Tag-Team SCRABBLE game is a very strategic, high-scoring format that is quickly gaining in popularity, and has been enjoyed by top players such as Joe Bihlmeyer, Frank Tangredi, Bradley Whitmarsh, and Joe Edley. Come on out and give it a try!

Tournament Details

After-hours room
Tuesday, August 10th, 2010. Sign in/form teams 7:15-7:40 PM; game demo 7:40-7:45; three games starting at 7:45.
$10 per player ($20 per team). 100% of entry fees returned as prizes.
Divisions of 4 teams, ranked by average rating. 3-game round robin.

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