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2012 National SCRABBLE® Championship

Division 3 Round 31 Alphabetic Pairings

TablePlayer Opponent
8Abriano, Gerianne (48) 2ndHellmann, Angela (18) 1st repeat
8Allen-Munley, Cheryl (41) 1stZurbrick, Kristy (74) 2nd repeat
13Altazan, Peggy (64) 1stDonegan, Michael (39) 2nd repeat
3Bassett, Michael (01)drawsLovett, Norma (30)draws 3peat
25Bloom, Sandra (33)drawsMcGrew, Barbara Bordwell (45)draws repeat
14Blyler, Bob (59) 2ndJames, Emily (20) 1st
18Bogle, Julia (65)drawsMuhling, Vivienne (78)draws repeat
19Callaway, Evelyn (68) 2ndRogers, George (34) 1st repeat
1Canik, Chris (02) 2ndFialkow, Marty (19) 1st
4Cohen, Jo Anne (49) 1stSmith, Cliff (05) 2nd
16Collins, Betzy (16) 2ndDoyle, Dawn (52) 1st
6Cooney, James (57) 1stPoole, Cathy (75) 2nd repeat
11Devnani, Supriya (07) 1stHawkins, Ingrid (62) 2nd
7Dixon, Roy (04) 2ndMarkelis, Daiva (22) 1st
13Donegan, Michael (39) 2ndAltazan, Peggy (64) 1st repeat
16Doyle, Dawn (52) 1stCollins, Betzy (16) 2nd
12Durbin, Harry (72)drawsFiorelli, Doreen (53)draws
18Farini, Sharmaine (47) 2ndThomley, Laura (58) 1st repeat
1Fialkow, Marty (19) 1stCanik, Chris (02) 2nd
TablePlayer Opponent
5Fine, Adam (10) 1stGarrod, Mark (03) 2nd
12Fiorelli, Doreen (53)drawsDurbin, Harry (72)draws
15Flowers, Josephine (43) 2ndResnick, Marshall (24) 1st repeat
23Francis, Derven (31)drawsVillena, Marina A (46)draws repeat
5Garrod, Mark (03) 2ndFine, Adam (10) 1st
14Gooley, Mark (11) 2ndMorris, Rhonda (50) 1st repeat
12Gowash, Edward (66)drawsShaw, Frances (37)draws repeat
11Hawkins, Ingrid (62) 2ndDevnani, Supriya (07) 1st
9Heller, Jacqueline (61)drawsHembrook, Nola (13)draws repeat
8Hellmann, Angela (18) 1stAbriano, Gerianne (48) 2nd repeat
24Hellmann, Daniel (23) 2ndLove, Susan (55) 1st
9Hembrook, Nola (13)drawsHeller, Jacqueline (61)draws repeat
10Henney, Stephen (67)drawsShuman, Bruce (38)draws repeat
16Hooper, Kathy (42)drawsRothbart, Sam (40)draws
6Ingram, Guy (21)drawsSkowronski, Gary (08)draws
7Jackson, Brett (54)drawsJoseph, Diane (35)draws repeat
14James, Emily (20) 1stBlyler, Bob (59) 2nd
10Johnson, Eileen (25) 1stSaadi, Marwan (32) 2nd
7Joseph, Diane (35)drawsJackson, Brett (54)draws repeat
TablePlayer Opponent
15Lease, Jacque (17) 1stTyszka, Gene (63) 2nd repeat
9Lezin, Katya (14) 2ndOLaughlin, Tom (56) 1st repeat
19Logullo, Mary (79) 1stWise, Tim (76) 2nd repeat
24Love, Susan (55) 1stHellmann, Daniel (23) 2nd
3Lovett, Norma (30)drawsBassett, Michael (01)draws 3peat
27Mahnken, Denise (27) 1stPetrie, Shauna (29) 2nd repeat
7Markelis, Daiva (22) 1stDixon, Roy (04) 2nd
20Marshall, Norma (80) 2ndRobinson, Linda (77) 1st repeat
25McGrew, Barbara Bordwell (45)drawsBloom, Sandra (33)draws repeat
17Mills, Brad (71) 2ndWhite, Ginger (73) 1st repeat
2Moore, Arthur (15)drawsPerman, Gary (09)draws 3peat
14Morris, Rhonda (50) 1stGooley, Mark (11) 2nd repeat
18Muhling, Vivienne (78)drawsBogle, Julia (65)draws repeat
9OLaughlin, Tom (56) 1stLezin, Katya (14) 2nd repeat
13Orleans, Samantha (60) 2ndShea, Colleen (44) 1st
2Perman, Gary (09)drawsMoore, Arthur (15)draws 3peat
27Petrie, Shauna (29) 2ndMahnken, Denise (27) 1st repeat
26Pitzer, Wilma (70)drawsTaylor, Flora (36)draws repeat
6Poole, Cathy (75) 2ndCooney, James (57) 1st repeat
TablePlayer Opponent
11Rawlins, Gene (69) 2ndWhite, Charlene (51) 1st repeat
17Reed, Irving (06) 2ndZulkalnain, Mohd Khairi (81) 1st
15Resnick, Marshall (24) 1stFlowers, Josephine (43) 2nd repeat
22Rhoades, Mary (28) 2ndRiff, Marla (26) 1st repeat
22Riff, Marla (26) 1stRhoades, Mary (28) 2nd repeat
20Robinson, Linda (77) 1stMarshall, Norma (80) 2nd repeat
19Rogers, George (34) 1stCallaway, Evelyn (68) 2nd repeat
16Rothbart, Sam (40)drawsHooper, Kathy (42)draws
10Saadi, Marwan (32) 2ndJohnson, Eileen (25) 1st
12Shaw, Frances (37)drawsGowash, Edward (66)draws repeat
13Shea, Colleen (44) 1stOrleans, Samantha (60) 2nd
10Shuman, Bruce (38)drawsHenney, Stephen (67)draws repeat
6Skowronski, Gary (08)drawsIngram, Guy (21)draws
4Smith, Cliff (05) 2ndCohen, Jo Anne (49) 1st
26Taylor, Flora (36)drawsPitzer, Wilma (70)draws repeat
18Thomley, Laura (58) 1stFarini, Sharmaine (47) 2nd repeat
15Tyszka, Gene (63) 2ndLease, Jacque (17) 1st repeat
23Villena, Marina A (46)drawsFrancis, Derven (31)draws repeat
11White, Charlene (51) 1stRawlins, Gene (69) 2nd repeat
TablePlayer Opponent
17White, Ginger (73) 1stMills, Brad (71) 2nd repeat
19Wise, Tim (76) 2ndLogullo, Mary (79) 1st repeat
17Zulkalnain, Mohd Khairi (81) 1stReed, Irving (06) 2nd
8Zurbrick, Kristy (74) 2ndAllen-Munley, Cheryl (41) 1st repeat

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