2006 CanAm Challenge

The Fourth Annual Can-Am SCRABBLE® Challenge took place on June 17 & 18, 2006 at the Metropolitan Hotel, 108 Chestnut Street in Toronto. Vying in this invitational tournament for the majority of the 98 team points and the Challenge Trophy will be the seven top ranking players from Canada and the USA.

The Can-Am SCRABBLE® Challenge has pitted the top players from Canada and the United States against each other since its inception in 2002. The U.S. leads Canada by a record of two titles to one.

Live coverage of the event included hourly updates from the tournament site.

The Players

Team members qualified based on their peak rating attained at a fully-rated tournament between the June 1, 2005 and March 1, 2006 NSA ratings lists, after having played at least 24 fully-rated games.

Team U.S.A.

Dave Wiegand
Portland, OR
Mortgage Underwriter, 31
2005 National Champion

Jerry Lerman
Foster City, CA
Risk Management Consultant, 56

Joey Mallick
Cape Elizabeth, ME
Chart-man, 26

Tim Adamson
Saint Paul, MN
Masonry Contractor, 52

John Luebkemann
Pineville, NC
Actuary, 41

Chris Cree
Dallas, TX
Used equipment sales and leasing, 51

Jason Katz-Brown
Cambridge, MA
Student, 19

Team Canada

Lloyd Mills
Georgetown ON
A/C contractor, 40

Adam Logan
Waterloo ON
Mathematician, 31
1996, 2005 Canadian Champion
1996 U.S. Champion
2005 World Champion

David Boys
Dorval QC
Programmer Analyst, 42
2003 Canadian Champion
1995 World Champion

Joel Wapnick
Montreal QC
University Professor, 50
1998 Canadian Champion
1983 U.S. Champion
1999 World Champion

Robin Pollock Daniel
Toronto ON
Mom/Psychotherapist, 44

Dean Saldanha
Richmond BC
Engineering Assistant/Student, 23

Evan Berofsky
Thornhill ON
Student, Writer, 30
Statistics based on the past three events are also available for each player and team.

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