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CNSC 2003 Player Roster

The Canadian Championship takes place from Friday, December 5th to Monday, December 8th, 2003 at the Ontario Club in Toronto. The top 50 players in Canada have registered to play:

1.Robin Pollock Daniel
41, Mom/Psychotherapist/Student, Toronto ON
Awards: Canadian team member, 1993 1995 1997 2001 WSC, 2002 Can-Am; 2000 2001 Michael Wise Memorial; 2003-02 Atlantic City, NJ; 2003-04 Boston Area Tournament
Played at World SCRABBLE Championship in 1993, 1995, 1997 and 2001.
2.David Boys
39, Programmer analyst, Dorval QC
Awards: 1995 WSC; 2002-03 Toronto West, ON; 2002-05 Montreal, QC; 2003 CNSC
Played at World SCRABBLE Championship in 1991, 1995, 1997, 1999, 2001 and 2003. NSA AB member 1999-2002.
3.Ron Hoekstra
35, Accountant, Kentwood MI
Awards: 2000 CNSC, 2001-11 Port Huron MI
Played at World SCRABBLE Championship in 2001 and 2003.
4.Zev Kaufman
56, Contractor, Toronto ON
Awards: Canadian World Championship Team - 1993, 1999 (qualified but did not play due to injury), 2001
Played at World SCRABBLE Championship in 1993 and 2001.
5.Joel Wapnick
57, University professor, Montréal QC
Awards: 1983 US NSC; 1998 CNSC; 1999 World Champion; 2003-01 Oshawa ON
Played at World SCRABBLE Championship in 1991, 1993, 1995, 1997, 1999, 2001 and 2003.
6.Evan Berofsky
28, Administrative assistant/Web document creator, Thornhill ON
Awards: Various bowling, softball, and artistic trophies, plaques, and other miscellanea; 2002-06 Livonia MI; 2002-2003 Toronto Club Champion; 2003-11 Brantford ON
Played at World SCRABBLE Championship in 2003.
7.Albert Hahn
55, Trucker, Calgary AB
Awards: 2002-06 Calgary AB; 2003-04 Cascadia Team Tourney
Played at World SCRABBLE Championship in 1997 and 1999.
8.Dean Saldanha
21, Student, Richmond BC
Awards: 1998 Gulf Champion; 2001-10 Victoria BC; 2003-03 Calgary AB
Played at World SCRABBLE Championship in 2003.
9.Jim Nanavati
47, High school teacher, Burlington ON
Awards: 2003-04 Saratoga Springs, NY
Played at World SCRABBLE Championship in 1997 and 1999.
10.George MacAulay
54, Miner, Saskatoon SK
Awards: 2002-03 Vancouver BC
11.Craig Rowland
37, Library Assistant, Mississauga ON
Director, Club #422 (Mississauga ON)
12.Tim Anglin
62, Fisherman, Scrabble bum, Retired teacher, Scarborough ON
Awards: 2001-07 Buffalo, NY
13.Bernard Gotlieb
45, Tutor, Cote St. Luc QC
Awards: 1998 Michael Wise NSA Director of the Year
Director, NSA Club #83 (Montreal QC)
14.Shaun Goatcher
51, Self-employed, Mississauga ON
15.Libero Paolella
48, Bicycle courier, Toronto ON
Played at World SCRABBLE Championship in 1995 and 1997.
16.Fran Silver
59, Teacher, Cote St. Luc QC
Codirector, NSA Club #83 (Montreal QC)
17.Glenn Dunlop
59, Retired, Brantford ON
Director, NSA Club #193 (Brantford ON)
18.Sinna Vijayakumar
55, Former civil engineer, North York ON
19.G. Vincent Castellano
42, Software engineer, Fairfax VA
20.Ray Francis
43, Systems manager, Pickering ON
21.Andrew Golding
38, Programmer analyst, Verdun QC
Played at World SCRABBLE Championship in 2003.
22.Jeffrey Parsons
40, University professor, Logy Bay NL
23.Fern Lindzon
46, Musician, North York ON
24.Mike Ryan
Richmond BC
25.Siri Tillekeratne
62, Consulting engineer, Calgary AB
Awards: 1996 NSA Director of the Year
Director, NSA Club #374 (Calgary AB). NSA AB member 1996-2002.
26.Lou Cornelis
54, Actuary, Ottawa ON
27.Allan Simon
58, Casino worker, Calgary AB
28.Steve Ozorio
46, Hotelier, Mississauga ON
Awards: 1987 1988 Bahrain NSC
29.Stuart Levinsky
41, Sales manager, Thornhill ON
30.Sary Karanofsky
52, Receptionist, Cote-St-Luc QC
Codirector, NSA Club #83 (Montreal QC)
31.Teri Tetreault
Calgary AB
32.Arthur Carvalho
46, Manager, Dollard-des-Ormeaux QC
33.Hugh Currie
69, Retired accountant, Toronto ON
Vice president of the Toronto Ornithological Club, avid bridge player.
34.Trevor Sealy
54, Accountant, Oshawa ON
Director, NSA Club #263 (Oshawa ON)
35.Mike Ebanks
Courier, Calgary AB
36.Ian Bell
40, Computer Consultant, Waterloo ON
37.Barbara Bultz
54, Teacher, Dollard-des-Ormeaux QC
38.Lynda Wise
59, Life coach, Toronto ON
39.Wendy McGrath
65, Retired teacher, Calgary AB
40.Salvatore Desiato
41, Actuarial analyst, Toronto ON
Awards: 2001 Toronto SCRABBLE Club "B" Division Champion
Aspires to be the next Libero Paolella.
41.Danny Panganiban
53, Senior cathodic protection technologist, Calgary AB
42.John Robertson
39, Bookkeeper, Cambridge ON
Author of three books on baseball history. Codirector, NSA Club #471 (Cambridge ON).
43.Carl Madden
28, Customer retention specialist, Brantford ON
44.Anita Rackham
61, Retired, Mansonville QC
45.Tony Leah
54, CAW Union education coordinator, Ajax ON
Awards: B Division Champion 2002 NSA Club #3 (Toronto)
46.Lisa Kessler
48, Montessori teacher, Toronto ON
Codirector, NSA Club #3 (Toronto), NSA AB member since 2003.
47.Brenda Megannety
Yoga instructor, Toronto ON
48.Michael Krepakevich
Lawyer, Mississauga ON
49.Maddalena Palazzo
44, LDC Coordinator, Richmond Hill ON
50.David A Stokoe
37, Windsor ON
Director, NSA Club #570 (Windsor ON)
Alt. 1.Hilda Schlechter
Oshawa ON
Alt. 2.Bill Payne
70, Calgary AB
Alt. 3.Su Edwards
50, Classroom chess instructor, Cambridge ON
Awards: President of Cambridge East Optimist Club.
Codirector, NSA Club #471 (Cambridge ON). Teaches 3500 students each year how to play better chess.
Alt. 4.Gene Rawlins
65, Self-employed, Scarborough ON

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