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2000 Indiana School SCRABBLE® Championship

b/w photo of winners
Zachary Baughman and Doug Ellington of Lowell Elementary in Indianapolis, Indiana, received the Grand Prize for finishing First.


Third graders from Lowell Elementary win first Indiana School SCRABBLE® Championship

There's a new game in town. It's not about slam dunking or fancy ball-handling, but it does involve smooth moves, quick thinking and plenty of chances to score. The first-ever Indiana School SCRABBLE® Championship (ISSC) invaded Lowell Elementary School on Saturday, May 6 from 9 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Students in grades 3 - 5 went head-to-head for three rounds, and third graders Zachary Baughman and Doug Ellington of Lowell Elementary in Indianapolis earned the title of School SCRABBLE® State Champion. Indiana joined Massachusetts and Long Island as competitions being used as a prototype for a future National School SCRABBLE® Championship.

According to Tournament Coordinator Isang Jacob, Lowell Elementary School's Dean of Students, "I am very excited that our school is the pioneer school to bring Indiana its first state-wide School SCRABBLE® Championship. It's been a great learning tool for all the students. They apply what they've learned in the classroom while having fun with the SCRABBLE® game."

Each member of the School SCRABBLE® championship team won a three-day, two-night trip to Orlando with a chaperon compliments of Hasbro, including VIP tours of both Universal Studios and Nickelodeon Studios donated by Nickelodeon. Second and Third Place teams went home with Hasbro Ultimate Fun Collection with a smorgasbord of Hasbro products valued at $500 and $250 respectively.

color photo of players
State Champions Zachary Baughman and Doug Ellington with their winning board.

color photo of players
Students Spell it out at the ISSC.

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