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April 4th, 2020: CAMISE

Definition: CAMISE*CAMISES n a loose shirt or gown

Anagrams: amices

Hooks: camiseS

Ana-hooks: acmiTes amNesic caesiUm cHamise ciNemas eTacism Limaces maLices micaTes semaTic

'Typos': camese camisa tamise

Blana-grams: acmiTe aeciUm aGeism aimeRs ameBic amicUs amiDes amiNes amiseS aNemic aNimes aPices aRmies caDies cameLs cameOs caRies caseiC caseiN caVies ceiBas ceRias cesiUm cHaise cHiasm cHimes cimaRs ciNema cLaims cLames cLimes cOsmea cRames cReams cRimes emaiLs eNiacs eRicas Facies Haemic icemaN imaGes imBase iNcase iNseam maceRs macHes macLes maFics maGics maiLes maiRes maiseS maiZes maLeic maLice maMies maNics maNies maRies mascLe masHie masTic maVies mecCas meDias meDics meLics mesaiL mescaL mesiaL mesiaN meTics micaTe micHes miNces misacT misaTe miscUe miseaT misSae mOsaic mUscae Racism Ramies sacHem saiceS samecH samieL samieR samiTe scameL scamPi scHema scReam semEia semiNa sPicae Umiacs Vesica

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace aces acme acmes ae aesc ai aim aims ais am ami amice amie amies amis as asci cam came cames camis cams case ceas cis ea eas em emic ems es ice ices is ism ma mac mace maces macs mae maes maise mas mase me mes mesa mesic mi mica micas mice mis mise sac sae sai saic saice saim sam same scam sea seam sec sei semi si sic sice sim sima sma

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