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June 16th, 2011: ARBORIST

Definition: ARBORIST*ARBORISTS n a tree specialist

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: arboristS

Ana-hooks: strobiLar Vibrators

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: abortErs airboAts airbUrst airPorts arbitErs biZarros bUrritos orbitaLs orbitErs rarEbits ribWorts rotariEs sartoriI strobiLa taborErs taboriNs traiTors Varistor Vibrator Vibratos

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ab abort aborts abri abris abs ai air airs airt airts ais ait aits aorist ar arb arbor arbors arbs aristo arris ars art arts as astir at ba bait baits bar barrio barrios bars bas bast bat bats bi bias bio bios biota biotas biro biros birr birrs bis bistro bit bits bo boa boar boars boart boarts boas boast boat boats bora boras bort borts bos bot bota botas bots bra bras brat brats briar briars brio brios bris brit brits bro bros brr iota iotas is isba isobar it its oar oars oast oat oats oba obas obi obia obias obis obit obits oi or ora orb orbit orbits orbs orra orris ors ort orts os osar ostia rai rais ras rat ratio ratios rato ratos rats ria rias rib ribs riot riots ristra roar roars roast rob robs rostra rot rota rotas roti rotis rots sab sabir sabot sari sartor sat sati satori si sib sir sirra sit sitar so soar sob soba sora sorb sori sort sorta sot sri stab stair star stir stoa stoai stob stria ta tab tabor tabors tabs tao taos tar taro taros tars tarsi tas ti tiro tiros tis to (and 12 more)

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