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May 15th, 2006: YERBA

Definition: YERBA*YERBAS n a South American beverage resembling tea

Anagrams: barye beray

Hooks: yerbaS

Ana-hooks: aMbery baKery bareLy barLey barNey baryeS baryTe berayS beTray beWray bLeary brayeD brayeR breaDy eyEbar Nearby reDbay yabBer

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: abBey abeAr abLer abOre abrAy abSey abyeS aCerb aIery aMber aMbry aPery arDeb areFy ayGre ayreS ayrIe baKer baLer barBe barDe barDy bareD bareR bareS barGe barKy barMy barNy barRe baSer bayeD bayeS bayLe beaDy beaKy beaMy bearD bearE bearS beEry beGar beLay berRy beryL bLaer bLare bLear bOyar braCe braeS braKe braKy braMe braVe braXy brayS braZe breaD breaK breaM bUyer byreS Caber Cabre Carby Deary Debar Deray Derby earLy eMbar eMbay erbIa eyraS Faery Fayer Fayre Garbe Gayer Hayer Herby Kebar Layer Leary Maybe Payer rayeD rayLe rayNe reaDy reaMy rebaR rebUy reHab reLay reNay rePay reSay rybaT Saber Sabre Sayer Taber Teary Warby Weary yaGer yareR ybOre yearD yearN yearS Zebra

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ab aby abye ae aery ar arb are ary ay aye ayre ba bar bare bay baye be bear bey bra brae bray by bye byre ea ear er era eyra ray re reb rya rye ya yar yare ye yea year

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